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About the company

House of York & Lancaster is an artisan company specializing in the manufacture of exceptional high-quality leather accessories.

Co-founded in 2017, in Huntington, long Island, New York, its ambition is to create unique works of art that can unite intricate artisanal craftsmanship with a practical application.

The company name was born from the founders and their distinctive European heritage. Olena, the lead designer and artisan is Ukrainian, and Andrew, the managing partner is English. The Joining of the two families combines family values, timeless traditions, and European Heritage. 

We believe that quality is everything and that only the very best will do. Our products are meticulously crafted using only luxurious materials sourced from the best tanneries across the globe including USA, Italy, Germany, France, and Asia.

Traditional leather crafting techniques and technologies used by many leading European fashion houses.  Most of our products are made by hand using saddle stitching techniques which is the preferred method used by English saddle makers and leading maroquineries in France. 

We are one of only a few remaining artisans in the United States that solely uses hand stitching in the manufacturer of their handbags.

Saddle stitching involves the use of two needles and an awl. As the awl punctures through the hole created by the holes previously pricked by special tools, the needles are passed through and pulled tightly.

Although using sewing machines is much faster and cheaper, a major stress point is created where the top thread interlocks with the bottom thread.  

The handsewn saddle stitch creates leather goods that last much longer. In addition to using thicker thread with hand stitching, each stitch is made up of two strong, independent, stitches. Unlike the lock stitch which will completely unravel, if a thread does break, the saddle stitch will still hold together.

We have in-depth knowledge working with both exotic and the more traditional skins.

Our offerings include classic Handbags, wallets, briefcases, and accessories.

In the order of maintaining our brand values of sustainability, each bag is produced in limited quantities and is available by special order only.


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